Halloween Story 2011 – “Jesse”

In keeping with my goal to post a new short story for Halloween each year, I have written a little number titled “Jesse.”  Enjoy! Read it now.

Day 1 – Palm Beach Shores Resort (2011)

So, it’s been an interesting night.  Here’s the rundown of Jenn’s and my first night at Palm Beach Shores in West Palm Springs, FL: We got in to the resort last night around 10PM (EDT). Immediately had some complaints about the room, but I rearranged some furniture, so now at least the tv faces the […]

God, damn it.

*Disclaimer: The following entry is not as light-hearted and humorous as most of the contents of this blog.  My religious viewpoints have gone through a lot of changes in my adult life, and this is a reflection on what I currently believe, and what I used to believe.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy what I have to […]

Microsoft Windows: The Next 15 Years

Have you asked yourself where the "7" came from in Windows 7?  If you go back to the last time they used a version number, you’re going to be looking at Windows 3.1.  After 3.1 came 95, so that should be Windows 4.  Windows 98 is 5, and then comes Windows Me at 6.  Next […]