Doctor Who Uses Sherlock Baskerville Set

As many have already noted, Sherlock’s fantastic “The Hounds of Baskerville” episode featured a cameo by the Doctor’s iconic Tardis, seen below just above a cluster of caves. Well, compare that image to this screenshot from today’s Doctor Who episode “Robot of Sherwood.”  Look familiar? Now, am I saying that this connection was intentional?  Man, […]

Arrested Development Season 4 to go live at 12:00 AM PST

I just got it from the horse’s mouth, the long-awaited return of Arrested Development will be online at Netflix in less than one hour. I couldn’t find the information online, so I struck up an chat session with Netflix support, where I was connected with a very friendly and helpful representative who investigated and informed […]

An Atheist’s Declaration, or a Futurist’s Call to Arms

You that are eager, you that are proud, and you that are ready to write the future in your names, know this: Whatever comforts to which you cling, of whatever you make your foundation, wherever the bricks you lay, you cannot trust their security.  Nothing can be trusted with certainty.  With your newest faculties seek […]

New Short Story

Very short.  I just came home, poured myself a drink, and hammered this thing out.  It’s got, like, symbolism, man. Read The Magic Pill.