An Atheist’s Declaration, or a Futurist’s Call to Arms

You that are eager, you that are proud, and you that are ready to write the future in your names, know this: Whatever comforts to which you cling, of whatever you make your foundation, wherever the bricks you lay, you cannot trust their security.  Nothing can be trusted with certainty.  With your newest faculties seek […]

New Short Story

Very short.  I just came home, poured myself a drink, and hammered this thing out.  It’s got, like, symbolism, man. Read The Magic Pill.

Charter Internet Wackiness

I just had a lengthy chat with Charter support about the fact that I upgraded to their Internet Plus 30Mbps package two months ago and never saw a speed increase.  They tried to put me through to tech support, but I told them not to bother, just switch me back to the lower plan.  I’ve […]

Hey, This is BlaineKyle.Net

This is my blog, right?  I’m pretty sure it is.  So, with that fact under careful consideration, I would like to submit the following: I will post what I want to post, whenever I’m so inclined.  It has occurred in the past that I have apologized in posts for how long it has been since […]