Chrome Application Shortcuts–Replacing Taskbar Icons

Some have come up against an aesthetic challenge to embracing Google Chrome’s fantastic “Create Application Shortcuts” feature.  The trouble is that when you create an application shortcut for a website using Chrome, the program assigns it the “favicon” of the linked website for the Windows icon—and favicons don’t tend to come in any pretty high-resolution […]

Hulu Plus (is an insult to the customer)

So, Hulu Plus has been available on Xbox Live for one week now. That’s what I was waiting for to give it a try. Well, it’s just ridiculous, friends. I already knew from early press releases that there would still be ads, which I was initially enraged about, but came to accept. I didn’t know […]

Quick Story

I’ve got fifteen minutes until the workday ends.  I don’t have time to start another work task, so I’m going to see if I can write a story in the short span of time.  Excuse typos, please.  Here goes: This afternoon, shortly after lunch, I decided that I would travel through time.  I have always […]