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I recently searched for a good, simple tutorial for using DVD Shrink for a friend.  Given the ubiquity of the program for its purpose, I expected to have a wide array of tutorials to choose from.  Well, there were a few, but they were, to be generous, lacking.  So, naturally, my solution was to write one myself.  The results are what follows.

Of course, the first thing you’ll want to do is download the program.  It’s freeware, but the legality of its purposes are questionable, and so I won’t provide any links here.  A simple Google search will almost certainly be fruitful, however.

Once you have located and downloaded the file, install the program.  It’s a single file installation, so you can run it from within the .zip archive, if you want.

After the installation has completed, launch the program.  You can use the desktop shortcut or Start menu shortcut, the latter of which is located in a top-level folder within your Start menu’s Programs folder, labeled “DVD Shrink.”

Okay, now we’re ready to copy a DVD.

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