Chrome Application Shortcuts–Replacing Taskbar Icons

Some have come up against an aesthetic challenge to embracing Google Chrome’s fantastic “Create Application Shortcuts” feature.  The trouble is that when you create an application shortcut for a website using Chrome, the program assigns it the “favicon” of the linked website for the Windows icon—and favicons don’t tend to come in any pretty high-resolution […]

Phantom Pinned Files in Windows 7

I just had to troubleshoot a small problem in my Windows 7 installation, one that had been driving me bonkers.  You see, for some reason, Whenever I pinned iTunes to my Start menu, it would show up on the list as “iTunes (2).”  This would make sense if there were another iTunes shortcut (or any […]

Tutorial: Custom Pumpkin Carving Templates with Photoshop and Illustrator

Have you ever seen those really cool pumpkin carvings that look like photographs?  Yeah, me too.  I wondered to myself, aloud, while alone in my office, “How do they do that?”  It came to me that, of course, they must first start with a photograph.  I reasoned from there that, naturally, they must convert the […]